Reasons to choose an Edenred Childcare Voucher scheme

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    Edenred Childcare Vouchers are designed to be as easy and straightforward as possible to set up and run.
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    We’ve designed our Childcare Voucher service to be as employee-friendly and easy-to-understand as possible:

Reasons why organisations should launch an employer supported Childcare Voucher scheme with Edenred

Ever since we pioneered the first scheme in 1989, Edenred has been market leader in the provision of Childcare Voucher schemes both in terms of businesses served and employee beneficiaries. Over 15,000 companies of all sizes, across all sectors  trust Edenred to operate their Childcare Voucher scheme  – and we have the widest Childcare Provider network in the UK too.

Having trust and confidence in the Childcare Voucher Provider you work with is significantly important, even more so considering the recent announcement made by the Government on the future funding of Childcare. Edenred is long term – a top rated D&B financial rating, the strongest rated childcare scheme company in the UK, and an organisation driven by fully audited quality standards e.g. ISO 9001:2000, and an organisation committed to Childcare Vouchers long beyond the implementation of Tax-Free Childcare.

Our scheme also comes with lots of nice extras too, some to save money, some to help make life easier. For instance, your working parents will receive access to Advantages, an online platform of money-saving deals and discounts on shopping, lifestyle, holidays and more. Then there’s the Parent Hub, an online portal of information and advice on all things parenting and family and a Freephone advice line available 24/7 offering support and assistance on family related issues.

The government announcement on Tax-Free Childcare does not change the importance or value for organisations to provide an employer supported Childcare Voucher scheme for their working parents today.

Over 50,000 organisations across the UK currently provide Employer Supported schemes, and over 600 companies start a scheme each month.

Whilst some working parents will benefit from the Government Tax-Free Childcare scheme, many working parents will be financially better off in an Employer supported Childcare Voucher scheme.

Working parents do not need to wait until 2017 to start saving on the cost of their childcare. They could save up to £1,399 on tax and NI savings before then through an Employer supported scheme, double if both partners participate.

Employers can save up to £402 per annum for each employee participating to their Childcare Voucher scheme. This continues after 2017. This means many organisations are missing out on thousands of pounds of NI savings each year by not offering a Childcare Voucher scheme.

Working parents would benefit from having the choice of the two schemes from 2017 to be able to select the one best for them.

An employer supported Childcare Voucher scheme increases employee engagement and positively impacts on retention and recruitment of staff

We believe that no one else can provide a better deal for you or your employees.

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