How Edenred Childcare Vouchers work

  • Salary sacrifice
    If your employer wants to provide you with Childcare Vouchers you can pay for them as part of your wages.
  • Eligibility
    Employers must offer Childcare Vouchers to all employees and both male and female employees should be able to participate in the scheme.
  • HMRC Calculator
    Get an indication of the annual savings available if you take the maximum amount of tax and NI exempt Childcare Vouchers.

How Edenred Services Childcare Vouchers work for you

At Edenred we have made joining Childcare Vouchers easy - and we are here every step of the way should you need any help.

Below shows you how the scheme works:

  • You enrol on the scheme, usually by completing a salary sacrifice agreement.
  • We send you a Welcome emails, with details for your carer if they aren't already affliated with us.
  • You receive an electronic voucher membership card, which lets you pay your childcare provider online or by phone.

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