Childcare Advice Line

Once a parent starts receiving Edenred Childcare Vouchers, they can access our childcare advice line which can search for childcare to fit all of their requirements, and come up with a range of solutions so they can investigate and select the provision that best meets their childcare needs.

  • I've just moved to a new area and need to find childcare
  • I've just had my first child - what are the types of childcare available and what are the advantages of each?
  • I need to find care for my 10 year old during the school holidays - I want him to be with other children his age and do a range of activities and I have a limited budget
  • I work nights so need to find childcare at odd hours
  • My usual Nanny is ill so I need to find childcare in my area quickly so I don't miss too much work

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